Jan 12: The Country Deli Skirt Steak Dinner


Since we had some Cuban Roast Pork left, we decided on a Pork Salad Sandwich.

  • The Cuban Roast Pork was $2.95 per serve, and we shared one, or $1.04 per serve
  • Dave’s Killer Bread adds 74c per serve
  • Beets add 20c per serve
  • Lettuce adds 20c per serve
  • Add 60c for Garlic Spread and Mayo.

A pretty good sandwich for $2.78 per serve.


It has been a while, but we returned to The Country Deli for the Marinated Skirt Steak with Home Fries and Sautéed Vegetables, to which we added three Eggs for Foodie Philip.

  • The Marinated Skirt Steak Meal is $36.21 with tax and tip, or $18.11 per serve
  • Pastured Eggs are 38c each, or 57c per serve.

An excellent meal for $18.68 per serve.

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