Jan 31: 13 Bean Soup with Italian Garlic Toast


We chose to prepare a Ham Salad in a Chibatta Roll hot from the oven.

  • The Ciabatta Roll is 58c per serve
  • A slice of Breakfast Ham is 60c per serve
  • Add 30c for Pickled Beetroot
  • Add 20c for Salad Greens
  • Add 40c for Mayonnaise.

A simple, but very tasty sandwich, for $2.08 per serve.


As we had a fresh Ham Bone, Foodie Greg pressure cooked it into an unctuous stock that served as the basis of 13 Bean Soup.

  • The Ham Bone was free so the Stock had no cost
  • Add 25c per serve for Bay Leaf, Carrot & Onion
  • The 13 Bean Mix was $5.49 and we used half, or 69c per serve
  • Apple Cider Vinegar ads 10c per serve
  • Italian Bread adds 28c per serve
  • Garlic Spread adds 40c per serve.

The Apple Cider Vinegar added at the end freshens the entire Soup, while the home-made Ham Stock adds unctuousness that won’t ever come from a water base to the Soup. Rich, thick and tasty for $1.72 per serve.

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