Mar 25: Smoked Trout Caesar Salad


Foodie Greg did a shopping excursion to Amazon Fresh to take advantage of their excellent BBQ Chicken deal. We had a par-baked Baguette from Aldi, and Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes, so with the addition of a bit of Duke’s Mayonnaise we were set!

  • The Chicken was $3.62 with a coupon and we shared a Breast, or 45c per serve
  • The Aldi ‘Bake at Home’ Baguette was $1.89, but we shared half, or 48c
  • Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes add about 40c per serve
  • The Duke’s Mayonnaise adds 10c per serve.

A tasty and inexpensive lunch for $1.43 per serve.


Tonight’s Caesar Salad was topped with canned Smoked Trout and Parmesan Crisps as Croutons.

  • The Butter Lettuce was $1.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • We each had a 3.5oz can of Smoked Trout for $3.49 per serve
  • The Parmesan Crisps we substituted for Croutons were $2.86 and we used about ¼, or 36c per serve
  • An Egg for the Dressing adds 19c per serve
  • Lemon Juice came from Lemons out of our garden
  • Add 30c for other Dressing Ingredients.

A really tasty Salad where the lemony Dressing was a good foil for the slightly oily Trout, while the Parmesan Crisps added texture and flavor. A pretty good meal for $5.34 per serve.

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