May 19: NY Strip Steak with Waffle Fries and Garden Salad


We shared a Specially Select Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato & Arugula Pizza for $3.99 or $2.00 per serve.


With a NY Strip Steak, Waffle Fries and Salad, it’s obviously Thursday Night, Steak Night!

  • Two NY Strip Steaks were $15.18 and we shared one, or $3.80 per serve
  • The Waffle Fries were $1.49, and we shared half or 38c per serve
  • Add 40c for semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes
  • Add 30c for Lettuce
  • Add 40c for Dressing Ingredients.

The Waffle fries give us the closest experience to a “proper” deep friend chip that we can get from an oven fry. Overall a well balanced and tasty meal for $5.28 per serve.

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