Jun 6: Eggs in Purgatory


Once again a simple toasted Ham, Cheese and Tomato sandwich.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 74c per serve
  • A slice of Gouda is 34c per serve
  • Breakfast Ham is 60c per serve
  • Kumato adds 40c per serve
  • Add 45c for Garlic Spread.

A pretty good meal for $2.53 per serve.


Being Meatless Monday we had Eggs in Purgatory with Italian Toast with Garlic spread.

  • Two Pastured Eggs are 76c per serve
  • The Organic Marinara Sauce was $1.69 or 85c per serve
  • Italian Bread adds 28c per serve
  • Garlic Spread adds 45c per serve.

A very tasty meal for $2.34 per serve.

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