Aug 10: Chipotle Turkey Bacon Rissoles with Chipotle Coleslaw


We did a sandwich of Speck and Arugula in a Ciabatta Roll, but not in the Panini Press, because it was unwashed!

  • The Ciabatta is 58c per serve
  • The Speck was $3.99, or $2.00 per serve
  • Arugula adds 40c per serve
  • The Duke’s Mayonnaise adds 25c per serve.

Without being in the Ciabatta in the Panini Press, the Speck did not get as warm and soft, and the sandwich ate more “bready” than when done in the Panini Press, but they are minor quibbles about another wise great sandwich for $3.23 per serve.


As we didn’t want to add heat from an oven, we used the Chipotle, Bacon, Turkey Meatloaf recipe as Rissoles and cooked them on the grill outside.

  • The Meatloaf is normally $3.13 per serve
  • Add 65c for Coleslaw and Dressing.

A very satisfying meal for $3.78 per serve.

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