Nov 8: Parmesan Risotto with Bay Scallops


We shared a fresh Clam Chowder from Trader Joe’s that was very rich, creamy and $2.50 per serve. We will definitely do it again.


Bay Scallops have been unavailable for a while so when they came back into stock Foodie Greg decides they were perfect for a Risotto.

  • The Risotto was $4.79 or $2.40 per serve
  • The Bay Scallops were $7.19 for a pound, but we used half, or $1.80 per serve
  • Add 40c for Saffron
  • Add 25c for Lemon Juice.

The Bay Scallops had great flavor, that is definitely more intense than Jumbo Scallops. They blended well with the Risotto for $4.85 per serve.

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