Jan 13: Chicken Wrap; Cioppino


A repeat of yesterday’s roast chicken breast and salad wraps.

  • For lunch a breast was divided for 87c each serve.
  • Hummus adds around 30c;
  • Tabouli salad 79c a serve
  • A flatbread is 50c.

Today’s lunch wrap cost us $2.46 a serve.


We first encountered cioppino at Gordon Birsch, but it’s off the menu now! (That happens to pretty much all our favorites there.) It’s a simple seafood stew that’s extremely tasty but also very easy to make.

We left our the shrimp because our dinner guest is allergic. Tonight’s meal served three with several cups of the stock left as a snack or the basis of something else later.

  • Olive oil – less than 5c serve
  • Fennel bulb at $2 makes for 67c serve
  • Onion at 50c makes it 17c serve
  • Four large garlic cloves are about 1/4 of the 50c garlic – 17c serve
  • Tomato paste 90c can but only half was used, for 15c serve
  • Diced tomatoes in juice – $3.99 or $1.33 serve
  • 1.5 cups dry white wine – about $1 or 33c serve
  • 5 cups fish stock $6.20 or $2.07 serve
  • 16 oz of White Wine and Garlic Mussels are $4 or $1.33 serve
  • For the firm fleshed fish, Greg used Kroger Wild Caught Pacific Cod. The 40z pack costs $16.89 but only 8 oz was used (two filets). $1.13 a serve.

Served with Simple Truth Ready to bake garlic bread – $3.99 for the loaf (expensive for bread but delicious) or $1.33 per serve.

Total for tonight’s dinner: $8.60. When it was at Gordon Birsch it was $16.99 but with tax and tip that would be closer to a $22 meal out.

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