Jan 14: Sushi; Marinated steak, wild rice and bok choy


Grabbing lunch between a Home Depot visit and going to do some yard work on our house, we picked up sushi again. $6.50 a serve, but convenient.


Filipino-style marinated steak, wild rice mix and bok choy. We’re starting with a cross-rib steak so marinating and a fast cook, will be the secret to getting the best from this piece of meat.

The interplay of salty, sweet, and sour is pure Filipino, and the lemon rind adds an intense blast of citrus flavor.

  •  The cross-rib steaks are part of our monthly meat delivery: 10.4 oz each – $5.85 per serve
  • The bok choy cost $1.08 or 54c a serve
  • The country rice blend was $2.63 for the packet but that will make four serves, so 66c serve.

Dinner tonight cost $7.05. While that’s not the absolute best cut of beef, it is tasty, enhanced by the marinade and the beef we’re getting in our meat box has a more ‘beefy’ flavor than more conventional beef.

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