Jan 21: Sushi; Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup


Because we needed to shop, it was easy to pick up some fresh sushi from Ralph’s at the same time. $6.39 a serve today.


The Lemon Chicken Orzo soup is a great mid-week dish as it take little time to prepare because it uses pre-cooked chicken. The meyer lemon is again perfect for this dish because it lacks the extreme sourness of most lemon. The recipe made three very generous serves, even with less chicken than the recipe called for.

Not only is it easy to cook, but it is amazingly delicious for the tiny amount of work it takes.

We served with a par-baked Roast Garlic Bread.

Orzo is a small pasta shaped like rice, but a little bigger.

  • Carrots cost 25c or 8c per serve
  • Celery, thyme, oil and garlic adds 20c per serve
  • Chicken broth cost 40c per serve
  • The store-bought rotisserie chicken breast is $1.74 for a breast, divided into three serves makes 58c per serve.
  • The orzo is $1.42 for a 1 lb box, but only half was used for our three serves, or 24c per serve
  • Add in 15 c for the other seasonings, etc.
  • Served with Simple Truth Ready to bake garlic bread – $3.99 for the loaf (expensive for bread but delicious) or $1.33 per serve

Dinner tonight cost $1.65 per serve!

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