Jan 23: Prepared wrap; Sirloin Tip with Crash Hot Potatoes and Creamed Spinach


Working on our house – constructing a pathway – totally distracted from food today and it was late before we grabbed some wraps from Ralphs nearby.  Each wrap was $3.99 and it turns out half is enough. $2.00 a serve.


Clearly another ‘steakhouse’ night with steak, potatoes and creamed spinach/arugula. The sirloin tip came from our monthly meat package. In Australia that cut is known as ‘rump’ (which is different from rump here in the USA) and was my father’s favorite steak.

Grilled in the outdoor kitchen here at Avalon Burbank. We should make the most of it before we move out. You may notice that we like our beef generally on the rare/blué side.

Sirloin tip is not a tender as filet, but it has great flavor, particularly this steak from our supplier.

We did the crash hot potatoes on January 7, and they’re a regular side for us because they mix a creamy interior with a crisp exterior. Creamed spinach – or a spinach/arugula combination – is incredibly easy and very, very tasty.

  • Tonight’s steak was nearly 11 oz for $6.11 or $3.06 per serve. That serving size is just slightly below a standard restaurant protein serve of 6 oz. We prefer to go ‘meat light’.
  • All the $2.99 spinach and arugula mix was used, and half the $4.69 whipping cream. (We tend to go premium for dairy so we can be happier about the lives the cows live.) $2.67 a serve.
  • We’ll allow 55c for the potatoes and seasoning.

Tonight’s steakhouse meal cost $6.28. Now go to a steakhouse and have a 6 oz steak, and two sides and see what it costs.

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