Jan 24:Wraps; Barbecued spareribs with red beans and rice


Greg purchased two wraps yesterday, but half a wrap proved to be enough, so we finished the other half today. $2.00 a serve.


From the steakhouse to the South! Barbecued spareribs with red beans and rice. One advantage of the monthly meat pack is that there is a lot of protein in the freezer! Choose one and build a meal around it, and tonight spareribs seemed like a good idea. Although 1.5 lbs seems like a large serve, remember these are more bone than meat.

The red beans and rice can take up to four hours to cook, but for us it was done in about two and half, and the kitchen smells wonderful while it’s cooking. It’s a slow cooker recipe, but Greg experimented – again – with using the induction cooktop and a large cast iron pot. Since the induction cooker can be set to pretty much the same temperature as a slow cooker, it seemed like it should work. And it did. This recipe makes six serves.

We found the Creole seasoning to be mostly salt, but fortunately the beans were unsalted so it balanced out. The heat from the andouille sausage builds during the cooking.

Pressure cooking the meat with it’s sauce took 20 minutes.

The spare ribs were perfectly cooked and had great flavor. The red beans and rice was amazingly good – way better than any we’ve tasted elsewhere. (Other red beans and rice recipes we’ve tried in the past were good, but not this amazingly good.)

  • The quarter slab of spareribs cost $10.12 or $5.06 per serve
  • The ingredients for the sauce, let’s say 75c per serve, although it’s probably not that much
  • Onion, oil and garlic and seasonings about 15c per serve
  • Each can of organic beans was 99c and we used three, or 50c per serve
  • We used the other pack of andouille sausage from Greg’s double purchase: $4.40 or 73c a serve
  • Chicken broth $2.29 or 38c a serve
  • And the rice: 33c a serve

Tonight’s meal cost us $8.00. There are four serves of the red beans and rice for a couple of other meals.

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