Feb 19: Sushi; Dinner at Commonwealth (Burbank)


Since we were nearby, and because today and tomorrow are our primary moving days, the simplicity of supermarket sushi won out.

Today’s sushi cost $12.78 or $6.39 a serve.


While I normally argue that dinner out is more about the occasion rather than the food, Commonwealth Restaurant is a place to go for the food! It’s a pity we waited until the night before we moved out of Burbank where it was a short walk away, to a 22 mile drive away!

The food was exceptionally good. Each one of the small plates were exceptional. The sequencing was perfect.

From the Grilled Eggplant and Burrata to the Seared Hanger Steak and  Truffle Mushroom Risotto every plate was perfect. Our waiter offered to sequence, and again the call was perfect. The Grilled Eggplant  was followed by the near perfect Pork Belly, followed by the Hudson Valley Duck Confit.

There was a pause before we finished the meal with the steak and risotto.

The level of attention was perfect. In fact it was a rare night out where every element was simply perfect.

OK it wasn’t cheap at $47 a serve, but it was well worth it. In context, that’s about half what we’ve spent per serve for the month so far.

Did I mention it was worth it?

I took a screen snap of the image from the Commonwealth’s website.

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