Mar 9: Alsatian Style Onion Tart; Red Chile Chicken and Rice with Black Beans


Feeling lazy today we heated a Trader Joe’s Tarte à l’mignon, or Alsatian Style Onion Tart. Following the reheat instructions in a convection oven rendered the result slightly undercooked. This is probably one of those times when a conventional oven heating from the bottom, will do the better job cooking.

  • The tart was $3.99 or $2 a serve.


Tonight’s dish is one we used to cook regularly, and then the supply of chile powder ran out! Red Chile Chicken and Rice with Black Beans packs a great fiber load. We skipped the green onions or cilantro, substituting avocado. The recipe makes four serves.

It’s a good basic dish, but the addition of Rick Bayless’ All Natural fonder Gourmet Mexican Salso – Chipotle roasted tomatillo and garlic, adds a great kick, and the avocado adds a flavor and texture contrast.

This time, the chicken tenders remained very tender because Greg barely fried them off, then let them steam over the dish for 10 minutes. They were just cooked, retaining all the tenderness the cut is known for.

  • Organic chicken tenders $9.35 or $2.34 a serve
  • Large onion, oil and garlic, around 15c per serve
  • The can of black beans was 99c or 25c a serve
  • Chicken broth is $1.99 or 50c per serve
  • One cup of rice is about 1/3 of the $2.99 pack of short brown rice or 50c per serve
  • Four avocados were $2.76 and we shared one at 35c per serve
  • The salsa is $3.99 for a jar and we used about 1/4 or 50c per serve

Dinner tonight cost us $4.69 a serve.

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