Apr 23: Corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese; Vegetarian South Indian feast


For lunch today we had another of the onion bagels, some store bought corned beef, Wildbrine Red Beet and Cabbage ‘salad’ and edem cheese.

  • The sliced corned beef is $4.99 a pack, and we used about 1/3 or 83c per serve
  • The Wildbrine Red Beet and Red Cabbage salad is $6.99 for the container. We used one quarter or 88c per serve
  • The edam cheese is $2.32 per pack of eight slices and we used two slices per serve, or 58c per serve
  • As it was yesterday the bagels are 33c per serve.

Today’s photo is of our lunch, which cost $2.62 per serve.


Tonight we had Indian take-out with a large group of friends. We had seen the reviews on Yelp, so we’ve been interested in trying Woodlands since we moved to Chatsworth. With at least one vegetarian in the group, it seemed like a perfect opportunity.

The food was every bit as good as Yelp reviews had led us to believe, but despite the flavor, it’s not particularly photogenic.

We contributed $15 each to cover costs.

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