Aug 2: Ham and Cheese Frittata; Chicken Thigh and Leg with Olivey French Lentil and Barley Salad


The left-over Ham and Cheese Frittata was calling, so we had that for lunch.

As it did three days ago, the frittata cost $1.92 per serve.


The thigh and legs from this week’s chicken formed the protein while an interesting Olivey French Lentil and Barley salad with an olive tapenade for flavor.

We slightly undercooked the barley, but otherwise the salad was flavorsome and a good balance to the chicken.

  • One quarter of the supermarket chicken was $2.50
  • The olive tapenade was $2.99 for the jar, but we used one tablespoon, which is about 1/10 of the jar, or 15c per serve
  • The lentils work out to 75c per serve
  • The pearl barley is $4.89 for a 28 oz bag, or 61c per serve
  • Onion and garlic add around 15c per serve
  • Chicken broth $2.29 or 38c a serve
  • Add 30c for the other ingredients.

Dinner tonight cost $4.84

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