Aug 3: Chicken Wrap; Beef Massaman Curry


We still had one breast from this week’s chicken, although again we only used 2/3 of the breast because  this is a ‘colossal’ chicken. Because we were using up the leftover salad from last night, we swapped out the hummus for sour cream, which worked exceptionally well.

  • The $9.99 colossal (large) chicken is broken into quarters, and 2/3 of one breast used for the wraps, or 83c per serve.
  • The flatbread is 50c
  • Cultured sour cream is $3.29 for the container, or 33c per serve.
  • We used some of the lentil and barley salad from last night, or $1.17 per serve.

Lunch today cost $2.83.


Time to revisit a favorite: Beef Massaman Curry. This time we had a pound of “beef for stew meat” that was precut. This recipe made three good serves.

  • The cross rib steak was $10.70 or $3.56 per serve
  • The can of massaman curry mix is $4.30 or $1.43 per serve
  • Plain peanuts are in limited supply in this part of the world, with a jar costing $2.99, of which we used around 1/5, or 20c per serve
  • Three small potatoes each cost 55c per serve
  • Coconut cream is $1.49 per can, or 50c per serve
  • Rice adds another 50c per serve.

Dinner tonight cost $6.74 per serve.

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