Aug 21: Popeye’s Fried Chicken; Pulled Pork with Apple Slaw


Finishing up in North Hollywood at lunch times we picked up some Popeye’s chicken on the way home. I really don’t understand how the pricing at different Popeye’s outlets varies so much. The Van Nuys outlet in Pacoima is about 20% higher than in Burbank.

  • Eight pieces of chicken were $11.99, but that makes four serves in all, making each serve $3.00
  • The large Red beans and rice was $4.49 and we shared that for $2.25 a serve.

Lunch was $5.25 a serve.


There was a pork shoulder (aka Boston butt) in our Prather Ranch meat delivery, so why not makes some pulled pork? We paired it with some apple slaw – basically a broccoli slaw with Envy apple added.

The pork looks like it will make six meal portions, perhaps more as lunch wrap portions. The apple and broccoli slaw made four portions.

  • The pork but was $20.41 or $3.40 per serve
  • Chicken stock adds about 14c per serve
  • Onion adds about 15c per serve
  • The broccoli slaw was $1.69 or 12 oz, but we used only half or 21c per serve
  • The envy apple was $1.29 or 33c per serve.

Dinner tonight was very tasty and cost $4.77 per serve. The apple slaw perfectly offsets the slight fattiness of the pork.

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