Sep 3: Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs; Italian Pot Roast with Grits


A weekend lunch it time to spoil ourselves, and today smoked salmon scrambled eggs on an onion bagel certainly fit the bill.

With scrambled eggs it’s important to anticipate when the eggs will be cooked, because they continue cooking on during service and on the plate. If you leave them in the pan until they appear cooked, they will be over-done on the plate.

  • Five pastured eggs went into the scramble, or $1.25 per serve
  • An onion bagel is 50c
  • The wild caught smoked salmon was $5.99 or $3.00 per serve.

Lunch today cost $4.75 and was exceptionally good. Today’s featured image is from lunch.


With so much of the Italian pot roast left, it was time for a low effort do-over. For variety, tonight’s pot roast was served with grits.

  • The pot roast is $5.63 per serve
  • The 10 grain ‘hot cereal’ is $5.99 for a 25oz pack, but we used about 1/4 or 75c per serve.

Tonight’s dinner was, again, excellent and $6.38 per serve.

Italian Pot Roast
Italian Pot Roast with ‘grits’.

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