Sep 13: Pastrami and Swiss Panini; Tapas


Another Lunch with Philip and Greg recording and our serious foodie guest Gary Adcock chose Feduzzi because it everything is made fresh, to order.

Definitely above average and our panini’s cost $7.84 each.


We decided to check out a local tapas place we’d passed going to lunch. It must be local as we found our temporary landlady having dinner there with her husband.

This week has been atypically hot in Amsterdam where there is a rule that once the temperature goes over 25 Celsius (that’s around 77 F) restaurants can move as many tables as they like to the sidewalk. As do a lot of residents!

Tapas Dos spread to both sides of the street and canal bridge.
Tapas Dos spread to both sides of the street and canal bridge. Foodie Greg can be seen above the stroller wheels!

Being a local ‘joint’ we weren’t sure what to expect but the food was pretty good. Being Tapas we shared three plates.

The endive with blue cheese, capers and red onion dressing was unexpected. Endive (a.k.a. whitloff) is quite bitter, but the salty blue cheese offset the bitterness and the result was strong, but delicious. (See featured image)

We chose sardines because neither of us had ever had fresh sardines. The tomato and red onion salsa was a good complement to the fish. Technically there is no ‘sardine.’ The term is used to cover a variety of species caught and served as small fish.

Sardines with a tomato and red onion salsa.

Our third dish was ordered as a filet, but the word came back that the kitchen wasn’t happy with the filet, so a rib eye was suggested as the second alternative. The meat was good and the tomato based sauce was tasty, but unmemorable against the other dishes.

Rib eye with tomato sauce
Rib eye with tomato sauce

The endive was definitely the tastiest dish of the three.

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