Sep 14: ‘Toastie’ and Bitterballen; Cannelloni and Filet with Green Pepper Sauce


We had the good fortune to have a Dutch friend collect use from the train and drive us to Schokland where we had a ‘toastie’ each. It’s a toasted ham and cheese sandwich served with ketchup.

The toastie was $4.48 each.

We went on to Giethoorn where we had some bitterballen while waiting for our canal boat ride.


Michael Horton had been wanting to try the food at Eetcafe Koevoet so, since we were walking past, we decided to stop in. Michael had thought it expensive, but it was comparable cost to the Capri, but with a higher standard of food.

All our meals were excellent. Foodie Greg had cannelloni while Foodie Philip had another steak. This time with a green pepper sauce. The bolognese was “the best I’ve ever had” said Michael.

The side salad was radicchio, fennel and steamed (but cold) green beans. Foodie Philip has a mixed relationship with fennel. Like most vegetables in the Netherlands the flavor was more intense than in California, so that went to Foodie Greg to enjoy.

Like the Capri, the meal cost an average of $20.00 a head.

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