Nov 10: Onion Bagel with Avocado and Sardines; Rib Eye Steak, Crash Hot Potatoes and Creamed Spinach


A return to an old favorite from when we first started paying attention to the quality of our food, and wanted to drop some fat. This is an Alton Brown favorite.

  • Onion bagel is 50c
  • The sardines in olive oil were $3.29 for the can or $1.65 per serve
  • The avocado was 84c or 42c per serve

Lunch today cost $2.57 per serve.


A classic steak dinner: rib eye from our Prather Ranch delivery, crash hot potatoes and creamed spinach.

  • 12oz of Rib Eye cost $20.22 or $10.11 per serve
  • The pack of baby spinach was $1.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • The whipping cream was $1.79 or 90c per serve
  • Shallots were 99c for a pack of four and we used two, or 25c per serve
  • The pack of potatoes was $3.99 but we used about 1/8 of the pack or 25c per serve.

Tonight’s steakhouse worthy dinner cost $12.51 per serve, which is a fraction of what you’d pay for the same meal in a steakhouse.



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