Dec 10: Ham, Cheese and Pickle Roll; Rib Eye with Peas and Boiled Potatoes


For lunch the Foodies had a multigrain roll with ham, cheese and home-made pickles.

Lunch was again supplied by the Foodie’s mom.


The Foodies’ mom had a very successful day so she purchased some amazing 500g (about 1 lb) bone in rib eye steaks. It was decided that we’d only cook one and slice it, losing someone the eye appeal of the bone in ‘Viking’ style presentation, but making it a more appropriate serving size.

Served with ‘classic’ (for our mom) boiled potatoes and microwaved peas.

While the Foodie’s mom bought the rib eyes, it worked out to Au$9.00 each ¬†or SU$6.57 per serve.

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