Jan 7: Supermarket Sushi; Pork Chop with Waldorf Salad


After a trip to collect – among other things cement – we stopped and got sushi from Whole Foods. It was pretty good and included our current favorite: firecracker roll with black rice.

Lunch today averaged out to $10.74 per serve.


In order to use some of the abundant supply of meat in our freeze, we defrosted two thick cut pork loin chops at just over 12oz each. In the recent past we’ve sous vidé them and then finished in a pan. This time we cooked to 120 ºF in a low oven, then finished for 2 minutes a side in a hot pan to get a nice sear on the outside. We didn’t make the Serious Eats sauce.

Although it really isn’t salad weather, we cranked up the heater and enjoyed our Waldorf Salad. You can’t beat a classic combination!

  • The pork chops were $9.69 each
  • Walnuts $1.52 or 76c each
  • An Envy apple was $1.08 or 54c per serve
  • Celery and dressing adds 15c per serve.

Dinner tonight was simple, but delicious. The alternate cooking method works as well as souse vidé as long as you position the probe carefully. At $11.49 it wasn’t a cheap meal, but it was the equal of a $40 meal out!


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