Feb 1: The Country Deli; Coconut Fish Curry


A business meeting took us back to The Country Deli. Average meal with tax and tip is $21.00.


After beef for lunch, a coconut fish curry seemed like a good choice. It was quite good. Instead of rice, we planned to serve with Naan bread, but none could be found in the supermarket and we substituted a crisp bread instead.

We made up a half batch of the recipe, since there are only two of us.

  • We buy the cod filets frozen: 7 pieces for $11.99 or $1.71 per piece/serve
  • Organic coconut milk cost $1.69 or 85c per serve
  • For ginger, onion and garlic add 23c per serve
  • The baby cherry tomatoes were $3.99. We used 1/3 or 67c per serve
  • An organic bell pepper was $1.63 or 82c per serve
  • For lemon and other seasonings add another 20c per serve
  • Two pieces of artisan flat bread cost $2.50 or 63c per serve.

This soup is really worth it. It has a great balance of sour and sweet and a lot of flavor from the curry seasonings for $5.11 per serve.

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