Mar 12: Burritos; Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Carrot and an Onion Sauce


Poor planning, and another supermarket trip, took us near our (now formerly) favorite Mexican place in Chatsworth. Unfortunately this time the woman behind the counter refused to serve us grilled onion because “it took too much time in the kitchen.” This despite having had burritos with grilled onions from there at least 30 times in the recent past, with a different person at the counter.

Save a minute in the kitchen, lose two customers for life? Anyway, lunch today cost $6.60 per serve.


While not exactly Foodie Greg’s birthday, we enjoyed his traditional birthday dinner: corned beef, cabbage, potato, carrots and an onion sauce, all cooked in the pressure cooker.

Tonight’s corned beef was definitely the best we’ve ever had, in an annual tradition going back at least 20 years. It came from Wellshire Farms via Whole Foods. It was amazingly tender.

And leftovers will contribute to a reprise of the Reuben Casserole.

  • The 4+ lbs of corned beef was $38.30 but we used about half between tonight’s three meal serves and a little late snack for two, or $6.38 per serve
  • An organic cabbage was $2.18, which was quartered for 55c per serve
  • Organic baby carrots were $1.69 for the pack, of which we used half, or 28c per serve
  • Two onions – one for the pot, one for the sauce – add 30c per serve
  • Two small potatoes add 15c per serve
  • A pint of milk was $1.19, we used half or 20c per serve
  • Two teaspoons of horseradish add 10c per serve.

Dinner tonight was a perfect rendition of the dish for $7.96. It would be possible to get cheaper corned beef, and non-organic cabbage and carrot, but these all go together to contribute to the dish.

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