May 7: Avocado Crisp Bread; Massaman Curry


Our attempt at Afghan take out was thwarted by a large ground arriving ahead of us, so we opted to use our ripe avocado on crisp bread: one with blue cheese crumbled, one with some ham. The blue cheese version was better.

  • The crisp bread was $2.99 for a pack of 10, or 60c per serve
  • A split serve of ham is 55c per serve
  • An avocado was 99c or 50c per serve
  • Blue cheese crumbles are $3.49 for the pack but we used only a fraction of the pack, or 27c per serve.

Lunch today cost $1.92 per serve.


A nice warming beef  beef massaman curry seemed appropriate with a cold snap upon us.

Beef massaman is warming without being too spicy. We use a curry base we buy from Amazon for this simple, quick meal for three.

  • The “beef for stew” was $9.98 per pound, or $3.32 per serve
  • The curry is $3.38 per can or $1.13 per serve
  • Coconut milk is $1.69 per can or 57c per serve
  • Peanuts were $2.99 but we only used half, or 50c per serve
  • Potato adds 25c per serve
  • The bunch of carrots was 89c but we used half in this dish, or 15c per serve
  • The par baked bread is 63c per serve.

Tonight’s dinner was $6.63 per serve and very tasty. The substation of bread for rice worked well.

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