Jul 26: Bolognese Rolls; Pizza


For lunch we attempted a “sloppy Joe” with the bolognese sauce. While the sauce and cheese were tasty enough, the overall result was messy. I know, that’s why they’re called “sloppy Joe’s” not “neat and tidy Joe’s!”

  • The bolognese sauce is $5.05 a serve, but we used half a serve between us, or $1.26
  • Par-baked roll is 63c
  • The sliced yoghurt cheese is $4.79 a pack of 12 slices, or 80c per slice or 40c per serve

Lunch today was tasty but probably not one we’ll repeat, at $2.29 per serve.


Tonight was our month LACPUG user group meeting followed by pizza afterward, for which were all contribute $5.00 per person.

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