Jul 28: Roast Beef & Cheese and Relish Sandwiches; Watermelon Salad


More shared mixed sandwiches: roast beef, mustard aioli and tabouli; cheddar and tomato relish.

  • Two slices of bread are 39c
  • The top sirloin was $5.99 per 1lb container, but we used about 1/4 of a serve and shared it, or 75c a serve
  • The garlic mustard aioli is $2.49 for the jar, and we used 1/8 or 17c per serve
  • Tabouli is $2.69 but we used 1/8 or 17c per serve
  • The cheddar is $5.99 per block and we used 1/4 or 75c per serve.

Today’s lunch sandwiches were both good, for $2.23 per serve.


A beautiful night to eat under the stars, and what better than Nigel Lawson’s watermelon, feta and black olive salad. It’s a summer regular and very, very good.

We made three serves from a small watermelon. This time we were able to get Valbreso French feta, which is definitely superior in flavor and texture than the lesser feta from more local sources.

  • The watermelon was 99c, or 33c per serve
  • The Valbreso (French) feta comes in a $9.99 tub and we used a quarter, or about $1.25 per serve
  • Pitted olives come in $2.99 jars and one quarter was used, or 25c per serve
  • The red onion is 52c or 17c per serve (there is left over onion)
  • Mint cost 50c and we used half, or 13c per serve
  • Olive oil and seasonings add another 20c per serve.

Dinner tonight cost $2.33 per serve. It’s an excellent dish and every time we serve it for someone, they want the recipe.

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