Aug 2: Chicken and Salad Wraps; Pork Larb Lettuce Wraps


It’s leftover clear out lunch. The remaining chicken breast along with the last bit of the salad from the last couple of nights went in a wrap with the rest of the hummus in the open container!

  • The mixed green blend was $2.49 and we used half a serve, or 32c per wrap
  • The chicken was $6.99 and we shared a breast, or  88c per serve
  • Hummus adds 30c per serve
  • The wraps are $3.99 for six or 67c each.

Lunch today was serviceable for $2.17 per serve.


We have a limited range of ground pork recipes, but one of our favorites is Pork Larb.

There are four serves in the dish, particularly when you use 1lb of pork, instead of half that in the recipe.

  • The ground pork was $8.15 or $2.04 per serve
  • Allowing 50c per serve for the remaining ingredients would be generous
  • Cucumber adds 50c per serve
  • Bean sprouts add 14c per serve
  • The lettuce was 99c and we used about half tonight, or 25c per serve.

The Larb is very good, along with the fresh vegetables make a perfect hot weather meal for $3.46 per serve.

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