Aug 24: Sardine and Avocado Sandwich; Thick Cut Pork Chop with Apple Cider Braised Pearl Onions and Sweet Potato Mash


You can’t make just one sardine and avocado sandwich, so we each had one.

  • An avocado is $1.49 or 75c per serve
  • Lightly smoked sardines in olive oil are $1.69 per can, or 85c per serve
  • Two slices of bread are 39c.

Lunch today was pretty good – it’s an Alton Brown favorite – for $1.99 per serve.


We generally get pork chops in our Prather Ranch meat delivery: sometimes thin sometimes thick cut with bone in. Tonight was thick cut night and grilled on our (relatively) new grill.

  • The pork chops average $10.47 each
  • The sweet potato was $1.81, but the mash makes four serves, or 45c per serve.
  • An Envy apple was $1.08 or 54c per serve
  • The frozen pearl onions were $1.69 or 85c per serve
  • The sparkling cider was $2.89 for the bottle, but we needed 1/3 of that for the recipe (a little less because we offset with the apple cider vinegar) or 48c per serve
  • A little fresh rosemary came from our herb garden.

Every component of tonight’s meal was full of flavor. The pork chops were perfectly cooked with fat rendered soft; the sweet potato provided some carbs while the apple and pearl onion braise had an almost pickled quality about it that perfectly offset the pork. A great meal for $12.79 per serve.

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