Sep 22: Filet Américaine; Tapas


We took an early train the Haarlem, and sadly experienced Haarlem in the rain again. After exploring the city for a couple of hours, we headed back to Amsterdam and Rembrandtplein for another Filet Américaine at van Dobben. Aproximately $5.40 per serve.


Our final dinner in Amsterdam and an opportunity to return to a restaurant, or find something new. As there were unexplored entries on the Dos menu, it was close by and we liked the local ambience we went back.

Tonight it was a little later and the light was not good for photos, but we enjoyed three different dishes.

The roasted garlic mushrooms was good with plenty of garlic flavor, but we decided that Greg’s version with butter is better.

We finally had an opportunity to try the ropa vieja – a beef and vegetable beef stew with origins in Indonesia, as it was out at Jottum last night. It was exactly what a warming beef stew should be like.

And for a fish dish, we had fried calamari, which was also as perfectly floured and fried with just the right bite and tenderness.

All up, the food cost about $13.45 per serve. Worth every penny.

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