Nov 2: Bahn Mi; Bone-in Pork Chop with Baked Apple and Creamy Mustardy Lentils


We had intended to go to The Country Deli but a sudden power outage as we arrived required a change in plans, so a Bahn Mi from Pho Saigon 1 was second choice. And a good one it is for $8.50 with tax.


Some large, bone in pork chops from Prather Ranch were grilled on the outdoor grill until perfect medium rare and served with a baked apple and creamy, mustardy lentils.

The pork chop was drizzled with a balsamic reduction Greg found today.

  • The pork chops averaged $10.14 per serve
  • The apples were 69c each
  • The lentils are $2.99 for a 500g (about 1lb) and we used half or 75c per serve
  • Mustard adds 25c per serve
  • Labné substituted for cream and adds 40c per serve
  • The balsamic glaze adds 20c per serve.

Dinner tonight was better than restaurant quality, with a perfectly cooked pork chop and tasty sides. The lentils were about as good as lentils get. All up the meal cost $12.43, which is expensive for us, but a fraction of what the meal would have cost out.

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