Dec 23: Chicken & Swiss, Chicken & Smokey Eggplant Salad; Green Pork Chili with Brown Rice


We used the second chicken breast from our supermarket chicken and warmed it in the sandwich press after slicing it. It then was shared across two toasted sandwiches: one with Swiss cheese, the other with a smokey eggplant salad from Jon’s.

  • Two slices of bread are 32c per serve
  • 8 slices of emmentaler cheese are $3.50 and we shared one or 23c per serve
  • The eggplant salad is $3.89 for the tub but we used about 1/8 or 24c per serve
  • The chicken is $6.99 and we shared one breast or 88c per serve across two half sandwiches.

Lunch today consisted of two very different sandwiches, with the chicken being the least interesting part of both. Not too bad for $1.67 per serve


Green Pork Chili is a new recipe for us, and a perfect way to use the “cubed pork” in our Prather Ranch meat box. Consisting of odd sized offcuts, it had good fat and connective tissue that made it perfect for this type of slow cook.

It was also the first time we’ve cooked with tomatillos. There is about twice the sauce as the recipe called for, so we’ll probably use it again.

  • Just over 1 lb or pork was $10.52 or $5.26 per serve
  • Tomatillos were $1.69 or 42c per serve.
  • Jalapeño peppers were 28c or 7c per serve
  • A huge red onion was $2.28 or 57c per serve
  • Chicken stock was 25c per serve
  • Add 20c for seasoning and oil
  • Add 33c for brown rice.

Dinner tonight was really tasty with a little spicy kick to it because we left the seeds on. The pork was perfectly tender and unctuous. We served with brown rice instead of flour tortilla’s for a total of $7.10 per serve.

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