Dec 30: Supermarket Sushi; Sous Vide Pork Chops with Roast Cabbage with Lemon


Today we got lunch from the sushi bar at Whole Foods for $9.52 with tax per serve.


Tonight we use the sous vide machine to cook pork chops from our Prather Ranch meat deliver to a perfect medium rare then fried them off for appearance and some Maillard reaction on the surface.

We served with roast cabbage with lemon and capers, which is a new recipe for us, but turns out to be a good one.

  • The 12oz of pork chops each were an average of $11.17 ┬áper serve
  • The cabbage was 36c or 18c per serve
  • Add 50c for butter, capers and sundry ingredients.

The roast cabbage was better than expected, particularly the near-charred outer leaves. As expected the pork was really good. All up a great meal for $11.85 per serve.

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