Jan 14: “Quesadilla” with Eggs; Vinegar Braised Pork Shoulder with Roast Sweet Potato and Tahini, Pepita & Apricot Slaw


Because it was the weekend we added egg(s) to our flatbread quesadilla with the cider braised pork.

  • The flatbreads add 50c per serve
  • Half a can of refried beans, shared across two halves: 26c
  • A serve of pulled pork is $5.46 but we used half, or $1.37 per serve
  • 2 oz of cheddar split between two is 50c per serve
  • Eggs are 55c each or 82.5c per serve (average).

Lunch today was a good quesadilla for $3.48 per serve.


Although we had a little of the cider-braised pork on our lunch quesadilla, we went full on with the vinegar-braised pork shoulder chops, although we substituted a little maple syrup for the sugar.

We served with baked Japanese sweet potato, and a Tahini, Pepita and Apricot Slaw.

  • The pork shoulder is an inexpensive cut at $11.60 for 1.29 pounds, which is a generous serve for $5.80 per serve
  • Add 40c per serve for the seasoning
  • The sweet potato was $2.89 or $1.45 per serve
  • Salad kit was $3.95 but we’ll get four serves for 99c per serve.

The pork was perfectly tender and had a nice sharp flavor. We chose not to serve the liquid, but drizzled balsamic reduction on top. The salad was acceptable but definitely not the best of the salad kits we’ve enjoyed. Sadly, the Japanese sweet potato – perfect for mash – became mealy when baked and neither of us finished it. Overall, a good meal with a generous serve for $8.64 per serve.

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