Mar 12: Popeye’s Fried Chicken; Gordon Biersch


Foodie Philip’s plans changed while he was still in Studio City just before lunch, so he stopped at Popeye’s on the way home for the 10 pack special with a large red beans and rice.

  • The chicken is $2.98 per serve with tax
  • The red beans and rice is $2.12 per serve with tax.

Lunch today was as good as it usually is, for $5.10 per serve.


We were back in Burbank to meet with an associate who works in the same industry and have dinner at Gordon Biersch. Foodie Philip returned to the smokey chicken tostadas, while Greg tried the¬†Spicy Chicken Lettuce Tacos, also from the ‘lighter side’ submenu.

The tostadas were every bit as good as they were last time, and Foodie Greg enjoyed his Spicy Chicken Lettuce Tacos.

The Tostadas were $12.99 per serve, and the Tacos $14.29, but with tax and tip that averages $17.92 each.


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