Apr 8: Tossed Green Salad; Yardhouse Spicy Jambalaya


We were traveling to Las Vegas for the NAB Convention and decided to, finally, stop in at Peggy Sue’s Famous Diner.

Do not follow our mistake. Long wait to be seated. Long, long wait for the food. Meatloaf that was way more bread than meat and was, without doubt, the absolute worst meatloaf one of us has ever had. (The other contends his mother’s was worse.)

There’s another diner on the other side of the freeway and lots of other options at Yermo. Use them. Avoid this establishment if you care about your time or your food.

We ultimately paid for only one meal or $6.06 with tax and tip.


After a number of social events we ended up at Yardhouse for dinner. Foodie Greg had the lamb burger, which he felt was okay, while Foodie Philip had their Jambalaya, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

This was not a traditional stew style jambalaya. Instead it was more like a stir fry. It had great flavor and just the right amount of spice. The cooking method had crisp sausage and a smokey flavor.

Dinner, without drinks, cost $22.23 average per serve with tax and tip.

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