Apr 28: Pseudo Reuben; Roast Chicken Leg, Kabocha Squash and Sugar Snap Peas


While not a true Reuben today’s sandwich is definitely Reuben inspired. Corned beef, Curry and Cauliflower Wildbrine pickles, Swiss and a mix of mayo and shrimp sauce goes close.

  • Two slices of bread are 32c per serve
  • Add 33c for Wildbrine Madras Curry and Cauliflower Sauerkraut salad
  • The corned beef was $6.92 for 17 oz, ¬†and we used about 2oz a serve, or 82c per serve
  • Swiss slices are 12 for $3.99 or 17c per serve
  • Add 30c for mayo and cocktail sauce.

A really good toasted sandwich for $1.94 per serve.


Tonight we combined the chicken legs (thigh and drumstick) from our supermarket BBQ chicken, with roast kabocha squash and sugar snap peas for a decent, if unexciting, meal.

  • The chicken is $1.75 per serve
  • The kabocha squash was $1.94 and we used half, or 97c per serve
  • The sugar snap peas were $2.99 and we used half, or 75c per serve
  • Add 40c for the chicken stock gravy.

Dinner tonight was tasty for $3.87 per serve.

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