May 13: Barrumundi Burger; Pork Belly with Choucroute


The Foodies returned to the Belmont Yacht Club where Foodie Greg had lunch with his parents last week. This older Registered Club is built out into the Lake and we were surrounded on thre sides with water

We both chose the Barrumundi Burger at Au$15.00 (US$11.40)


We had seen pork belly at the new Warner’s Bay Aldi so picked up one suitable for three and decided to serve with choucroute. Unfortunately the German owned Aldi only has sauerkraut in October!

We found the necessary ingredients at another supermarket and prepared the meal over three hours.

  • The pork belly was $12.50 or $4.17 per serve
  • Carrots were 24c or 8c per serve
  • A can of sauerkraut was $3.20 or $1.07 per serve
  • Add 20c for onion and seasoning.

The Pork was beautifully tender while the skin had crispened up nicely for “crackling” and the choucroute a perfect complement, even though we forgot the potatoes! A good meal for Au$5.52 (US$4.19) per serve.

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