May 14: Pork Chop with Wilted Kale and Potato; Chili


The Foodies took two of their nieces out to lunch at the well regarded Parry St Garage, where we both had an excellent wood fired pork cutlet, red radicchio marmalade, garlic & rosemary potato, greens & pork crackling. While we both felt it could have been cooked just one or two minutes less, it was still moist.

Well worth the Au$28.50 (US$21.37) per serve. In Australia tax and tip are included in the price, leading to approximately the same net cost in both Countries.


Tonight we prepared our favorite Bacon and Black Bean Chili, with avocado and sour cream. This recipe makes at least six serves.

  • Ground Beef (a.k.a. mince) was $6.50 or $1.08 per serve
  • Bacon cost $2.37 or 40c per serve
  • In the abscence of “chili powder,” which is ground chili in Australia, we used ‘taco seasoning’ which cost $1.25, but we used only ¼ or 10c per serve
  • Tomato paste was 90c, or 15c per serve
  • Canned tomatoes were $1.00 or 17c per serve
  • Black Beans were $3.00 for two cans, or 50c per serve
  • Two avocados were $4.40 or $1.10 per serve
  • Add 15c per serve for seasoning and sour cream.

While it wasn’t quite as good as our regular version, it wasn’t bad for Au$3.75 (US$2.81) per serve, which is a little Les than the US$3.71 last time we made this at home.

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