May 15: Pepper Steak Pie and Sauage Roll; Pork Spare Ribs with BBQ Sauce and Corn


The Foodies have a side quest to find a meat pie and sausage roll – quintessentially Australian – as good as, or better, than we have been enjoying from Bronzed Aussie in Downtown LA.

Foodie Greg recalled a highly regarded bakery and pie shop in nearby Whitebridge, so we collected our Pepper Steak pie and a sausage roll there and ate them in a nearby oceanside park.

While the filling in both was good the pastry did not live up to the US example, but good for Au$8.50 (US$6.37) per serve.


At the evening meal the Foodies separates and went with their respective families. Foodie Greg with his parents while Foodie Philip met his brother at a local pizza place.

Unexpectedly they had “18 hour slow cooked pork ribs” on the menu, which was hard to pass up.

Served with an ear of fresh corn on a bed of arugula (a.k.a. Rocket) and a great BBQ sauce, they delivered on the promise. The ribs were beautifully tender with good flavor, but it was th BBQ sauce that surprised and delighted.

There was the expected sweetness but balanced with an acidic finish that was hard to pin down, so I asked! Turns out that a combination of lemon juice and chili creates a flavor profile reminiscent of vinegar, although toward a balsamic vinegar.

I don’t know if they always have them, but if you’re near Cardiff NSW then check out Frank and Ollie’s. Really tasty for Au$18.00 (US$13.50). Brother’s seafood pizza also looked really good and had his approval.

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