May 25: Pastrami Bagel, Tuna Salad Bagel; Thai Pork Curry with Brown Rice


As we were out, we decided to try a Western Bagel, something we haven’t had since we lived in West Hills. We share a tuna salad on pumpernickel and a pastrami on pumpernickel for $7.50 each. They were both good sandwiches.


Our meat delivery – now Keller Crafted after a name change – included some pork filets that make great stir fry. Combine with red curry paste, bell pepper and sugar snap peas and we have a great meal.

  • The pork was $15.11 or $7.56 per serve
  • The organic yellow bell pepper was $1.72 or 86c per serve
  • The sugar snap peas were $2.49 or $1.25 per serve
  • Add 25c for seasoning
  • Add 33c for rice.

A filling and tasty meal for $10.25 per serve.

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