Jun 15: Smokey Cheese & Kambocha Squash Quiche; Bratwurst and Roast Vegetables with Halloumi


For lunch we finished the second half of the Smokey Gouda and Kambocha Squash Custard/Quiche from two nights ago. It was definitely better this time, even though we served cold. We thought that the kabocha squash absorbed some moisture while the cooler temperature firmed the cheese a little improving the texture and flavor.

A good lunch for $2.20 per serve.


Nigella Lawson is famous for her baking sheet meals. We’ve cooked variations on her Double Potato Halloumi Bake many times and tonight we created our own variation: Bratwurst, Asian Yam, Onion, Bell Pepper and Garlic.

The vegetable and halloumi portion makes four serves. The bratwurst, just two.

  • The bratwurst are $3.49 for the pack, or $1.75 per serve
  • The oriental yam was $1.09 or 27c per serve
  • The bell pepper was $1.49 or 38c per serve
  • The red onion was 67c or 17c per serve
  • Halloumi cost $3.64 or 91c per serve
  • Add 20c for seasoning and garlic.

We enjoyed this sheet bake very much. The asian yam is not as sweet as sweet potato and not as mealy as regular potato, so it was a hit. Everything melded together well for $3.68 per serve.

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