Jul 28: Lox Bagel, Pastrami Swiss Bagel; Caramelized Pork Rice Bowl with Bean Sprouts and Carrot


Foodie Greg was near Western Bagel around lunch time and we shared a “Traditional” (Lox) bagel and a pastrami and Swiss bagel. Both were decent, although we prefer smoked salmon over lox.

The bagels were $8.78 per serve.


A return to the  Vietnamese Caramelized Pork Bowls, tonight with mung bean sprout and grated carrot that was drizzled with rice wine vinegar.

Again, we cut the sugar back from five, to two tablespoons.

  • The ground pork was $8.35 and we’ll get three serves from that, or $2.78 per serve
  • Add 50c for ginger, onion, garlic and chili, etc
  • Add 33c for brown rice
  • Bean sprouts were $1.49 but we used only â…“ or 20c per serve
  • Add 20c for grated carrot.

Dinner tonight was tasty for $4.01 per serve.

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