Aug 27: Avocado and Sweet & Spicy Tuna; Grilled Mushrooms with Onion, Blue Cheese Cream Sauce and Asparagus


Without clear lunch plans and one ‘ready to go’ avocado, we split the avocado across two sandwiches, added a pouch of sweet and spicy tuna and a generous spread of Trader Joe’s garlic spread to create a really good sandwich.

  • The rye bread is 32c per serve
  • The pouch is $1.00 each, or $1.00 per serve
  • A bag of four mini avocados is $3.99 and we shared one or 50c per serve
  • Add 35c for garlic spread and butter.

A good sandwich for $2.07 per serve.


In the spirit of meatless Monday, we grilled mushrooms to perfection and served with a Onion, Blue Cheese and Cream sauce along side steamed asparagus.

  • We prepared a pound of mushrooms for $3.98 or $1.99 per serve (although we have some left over for another night)
  • Blue cheese crumbles are $3.49 and we used about ¼ or 44c
  •  Add 25c for lemon zest and juice per serve
  • Add 10c for onion
  • Heavy cream was $1.79 and we used half or 45c per serve
  • Asparagus was $3.69 or $1.85 per serve.

Mushrooms make a great meat alternative and complement the sauce beautifully. The asparagus with lemon provides a nice acid counterbalance to the richness of the cream sauce. A great meal for $5.08 per serve.

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