Aug 31: Supermarket Sushi; White Bean and Tuna Salad with Radicchio and Parsley Vinaigrette


During a trip to Whole Foods to purchase ingredients for tonight’s salad Foodie Greg picked up a black rice avocado and celery ¬†roll, and a volcano roll, for an average of $12.99 per serve.


Another new recipe idea:¬†White Bean and Tuna Salad with Radicchio and Parsley Vinaigrette. We ended up with tuna in garlic olive oil (and if we’d been smart we’d have used that oil in the dressing, but it didn’t occur to us in the moment).

The salad works best with a combination of the radicchio and white beans because the bland beans balance the intense bitterness of the radicchio.

  • The garlic tuna was $8.99 or $4.50 per serve
  • The white beans 79c for the can or 40c per serve
  • The radicchio was the smallest they had at $3.74 but way too much for our serve and half was ultimately thrown away, for $1.87 per serve
  • Parsley was $1.89 for the bunch and we used half or 47c per serve
  • Add 40c for other ingredients.

There was too much radicchio for the other ingredients throwing the salad out of balance. While it was good, we’ve had much better meals for $7.74 per serve.

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