Dec 25: Cheese & Salami; Chicken Leg with Spinach Salad


We still had some some Blue Castillo,  cheddar, chorizo, crackers and cherries so again we snacked.

  • The chorizo was Au$5.4o or $1.35 per serve
  • Castello Blue is Au$6.12 or $1.53 per serve
  • Cheddar was Au$6.79 or $1.70 per serve
  • Cherries were Au$4.50 or $1.12 per serve
  • Water crackers were Au$0.95 or 24c per serve

A pretty good range of food for Au$5.94 or US$4.16.


We had the chicken legs from our supermarket chicken, and a fair amount of the Spinach, Strawberry and Feta Salad, so that was dinner.

  • The Chicken was Au$2.50
  • The salad was ¬†Au$1.92 per serve.

While not the most exciting meal it was satisfying for Au$4.42 (US$3.09) per serve.

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