Jan 13: Turkey, Swiss & Apple Sandwiches; Sushi and Sashimi


Back in our own home and own kitchen we defaulted back to toasted sandwiches. Today’s combination added apple slices between the sliced Turkey breast and sliced Swiss, for a little crisp sweetness. It worked perfectly.

  • Sprouted rye bread is 32c per serve
  • The turkey breast is $2.99 for 8 oz and two went on the sandwich, or 76c per serve
  • Swiss slices are 12 for $3.99 or 34c per serve
  • Add 30c for butter and mustard.

A pair of quite decent toasted sandwiches for $1.72 per serve.


The Foodies were in Azusa so that Foodie Philip could participate in a Showcase hosted by his vocal coach. Between rehearsal, video setup and the performance we walked up to Sushi Ara where we’ve eaten before.

We had a generous serve of sushi and sashimi for $22.70 with tax and tip.

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