Oct 26: Pork Enchiladas; Hot and Sour Beef Salad


We picked up some very good Pork Enchiladas from Viva La Fiesta nearby for $14.82 per serve for a full meal with Enchiladas, Beans and Rice.


The Hot and Sour Beef Salad has the advantage of being grilled and not using any electricity! We grilled the Rib Eye on the outside grill before marinating and serving on a very simple salad base.

  • The 10 oz Dry Aged Rib Eye is $8.10 per serve
  • The Salad Greens mix was $3.29 but we shared half, or 83c per serve
  • Limes were 66c for two but we shared one, or 16c per serve
  • Instead of a Chili we used some Sambal Ulec, which adds 20c per serve.

We really enjoyed this salad. The slight heat in the dressing lifted both steak and salad to another level. An excellent meal for $9.29 per serve.

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